祇園祭 山鉾紹介


巡行の順番 後祭 9   (2019年)
住所 京都市中京区烏丸通三条上ル場之町
説明  鈴鹿山は、旧東海道の難所・鈴鹿峠をいう。畿内と東国を結ぶ要衝として、歴史上のエピソードも多い。商人を狙う盗賊が多かったことが、鬼が出る、に転化したようだ。この山の神・鈴鹿明神(瀬織津姫命)の伝説も鬼退治のおはなし。大なぎなたを手に、立て烏帽子の女神の姿がりりしい。
山建て 20日午前8時~
English Suzuka-yama
The old Tokaido route, which connected the old capital area with the eastern area, ran through Suzuka Yama. One of its chokepoints, Suzuka Toge had many steep paths. Due to this, the area has plenty of historical and notorious episodes as merchants were often attacked by gangs of robbers which may later have been transformed into the Oni, or ogres, of folklore. The Suzuka Yama float features the myth about the Goddess of Suzukayama, Suzuka Myojin (Seoritsuhime-no-Mikoto), who exterminated the Oni. The figure of the Goddess on the yama looks gallant in her Tate-eboshi (a headdress for men), holding a long Naginata or pole sword. The yama has a tapestry on the front, called Hyaku Sennin Tuzuranishiki Maekake, which depicts camels traveling in the desert. The Maekake tapestry was renewed in 1989 for the first time in 220 years.
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