祇園祭 山鉾紹介


巡行の順番 前祭 9   (2019年)
住所 京都市中京区室町通四条上ル菊水鉾町
説明  謡曲「菊慈童」から着想された鉾。魏の文帝の勅使が薬水を訪ねて山に入ったところ少年に出会う。聞けば、少年は 700年前に、王の枕を誤ってまたいだのが原因で都を追われた。以後、普門品の偈を甘菊の葉に記しておいたところ露が滴り、この水を飲んで不老長生したという。慈童は、この薬水を勅使に献じた。昭和28年に復興。鉾頭には天に向いた16菊。この鉾に限り「菊水」と篆書が掘り出した額がつく。
鉾建て 10日午後3時半~
曳き初め 12日午後3時~
English Kikusui-hoko
The idea for this hoko comes from a Noh chant, Kikujido ('The Boy with Chrysanthemums'). Once, an imperial envoy for Emperor Han Wendi of Wei went deep into the woods to get medicine, where they met a boy. The boy said he had been forced to leave the city 700 years ago after accidentally stepping over the Emperor's pillow. Since then, he had written down verses of Lotus Sutra on chrysanthemum leaves, and after drinking dew from these leaves, had gained eternal life. The boy gave this special water to the imperial envoy. This hoko was reconstructed in 1953. On top of the hoko are sixteen chrysanthemums facing the heavens, and a plaque displaying the words Kiku-Sui (Chrysanthemum Water) engraved upon it.
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