祇園祭 山鉾紹介


巡行の順番 前祭 11   (2019年)
住所 京都市下京区油小路通仏光寺下ル太子山町
説明  山鉾の真木は松が通例だが、この山のみ杉を立てる。聖徳太子が四天王寺を建立するさい、自らが良材を求め山に入り、老人に大杉の霊木を教えられ、六角堂をたてたことに由来する。太子は、日本の仏教の基を築いたことで知られ、宗派をこえての「太子信仰」が民衆の間に広くあった。山に飾る太子像は、江戸時代の作。トレードマークの鬟(みずら)に髪を結び、ふっくらした顔だち、白羽二重小袖姿で、高貴な印象をたたえる。
山建て 13日午前8時~
English Taishi-yama
The deity on this yama represents the Crown Prince ("Taishi" in old Japanese) Shotoku of the 6th century. He is famous for laying the foundation of Buddhism in Japan, and therefore, has been widely worshiped by people regardless of their religious sects. A legend concerning him is the origin of this float. When he was to establish Shitennouji Temple, he climbed a mountain himself in search of fine wood. On the mountain, an old man told him about a tall sacred cedar, and he built a hexagonal temple there. In accordance with this story, this is the only yama which uses cedar tree for its Shingi pole, while other floats are surmounted with pine trees. The prince's figure on the yama, made in the Edo period (1600 - 1867), depicts his noble image in a white short-sleeved kimono wearing his trademark hair-style, a hair lobe on each side of his round face.
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