祇園祭 山鉾紹介


巡行の順番 前祭 1 くじ取らず (2019年)
住所 京都市下京区四条通烏丸東入長刀鉾町
説明  「くじとらず」の名があるように、山鉾巡行の先頭を受け持つ鉾。命名は、鉾のてっぺんを飾った三条小鍛冶宗近作の大長刀による。宗近が娘の病気平癒を祈願して八坂神社に奉納したが、鎌倉期にある武人が愛用。しかし何かと不思議が起こり、返納したという。大永2(1522)年、疫病がはやり、神託で長刀鉾町で飾ったところ、疫病は退散した。創建は、嘉吉元年(1441)説がある。真木は全長20メートル。現在、稚児が乗る唯一の鉾である。
鉾建て 10日午前7時~
曳き初め 12日午後3時半~
English Naginata-hoko
The Naginata Hoko float leads the procession of the Hoko and Yama floats. The order of the floats is decided by drawing lots; however the Naginata Hoko float is an exception and has been privileged to head the procession for some years. The name Naginata is derived from the great halberd crowning the float, made by Sanjo-Kokaji-Munechika, a master of sword smithing during the Heian period (794-1185). Munechika dedicated the halberd to Yasaka Shrine, as an offering for the recovery of his daughter from disease; however, there was a warrior during the Kamakura period (1192-1334) who used the halberd often. It is said that while the halberd was in his possession, mysterious things occurred time and again, so the warrior eventually returned it to the shrine. In 1522, when an epidemic prevailed in the city, the halberd was displayed in Naginata-hoko town as directed by an oracle, and miraculously, the epidemic died down. It is believed that this hoko was built in 1441. The length of the halberd pole, called a Shingi, is twenty meters. Today, this is the only hoko which carries the sacred child, Chigo, during the proceedings.
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