祇園祭 山鉾紹介


巡行の順番 前祭 20   (2019年)
住所 京都市中京区錦小路通室町西入天神山町
説明  永正年間、京都が大火にあった際、急に霰が降り、たちまち猛火は鎮火したが、霰とともに小さな天神像が降りてきた。そんな由来から、火よけの神様として祀られたのがおこり。霊験はあらたかで、多くの山鉾が焼けた天明、元治の大火にもこの山だけは残り、町の誇りになっている。「雷(らい)よけ火よけのお守は、これより出ます…」。宵山に子供たちが歌いながらお守授与の受け付けをする。檜皮葺きの立派な社殿が山に乗る。
山建て 13日午前8時~
English Araretenjin-yama
When a fierce fire was about to devastate Kyoto during the Eisho period (1504-1520), a sudden hail ("arare" in Japanese) put out the ferocious blaze. The image of this yama is said to be a small statue of Tenjin, or the God of Thunder, which fell down with the hail at that time. It has been enshrined as a god who prevents fire calamities. Its talismanic power is so evident that only this yama could survive the big fires in 1788 and 1864 which destroyed many other yama and hoko. As a result, the Tenjin image has become the pride of the community. "Here are amulets that will protect you from lightning and fire. Please take one. Don't miss the only chance to get one this year! This song is chanted by children at the Yoiyama night festival, which is on the eve of the Yamahoko Junko parade, as they ask for donations and give out amulets to contributors. This yama carries a dignified miniature shrine that has a roof shingled with Japanese cypress.
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