祇園祭 山鉾紹介


巡行の順番 前祭 7   (2019年)
住所 京都市下京区綾小路通新町東入善長寺町
説明  徒歩の傘鉾として応仁の乱以前のふるい鉾だが、元治元年に焼けて以来、明治10年代に一時復活したもののふたたび中断。ようやく昭和54年、巡行を再開した。形の上でも変転を繰り返す。江戸期、どうした理由からか、徒歩から曳き鉾に変化、御所車風の屋根に風流傘が乗る古図が残る。明治の復活では再び徒歩に。棒振り、鉦、太鼓のはやしかたが行列する。
鉾建て 13日午前10時~
English Ayagasa-hoko
Although it has "hoko" in its name, it is a parasol-shaped float unlike a traditional "hoko", and it has a long history with its origin dating back beyond Ohnin-no-ran, the decade long battle that started in 1467. Destroyed by the fire in 1864, the hoko was once restored in 1879, but it left the parade again soon after that. Finally, it returned to the parade in 1979. Its form has also been changed many times. This float was originally shouldered by marchers. However, it was converted to a "pull-style" float in the Edo period. An existing old picture of this hoko from those days shows a huge parasol made of gorgeous fabrics placed on the roof of a court carriage. It was restored as a "shoulder float" again in 1879, and will be shouldered this year as well. In the procession, a troop of musicians plays bells and drums around a demon-masked main dancer swinging a rod.
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