祇園祭 山鉾紹介


巡行の順番 後祭 1 くじ取らず (2019年)
住所 京都市中京区蛸薬師通室町東入橋弁慶町
説明  山の御神体がなにを表すかは一目瞭然。五条の橋の上、牛若丸が軽々とぎぼしの上に飛び上がり、弁慶がなぎなたを構えるシーン。足駄の前歯だけで人形の体を支えるこの躍動感は、とても500年も前の造形とは思えない素晴らしさだ。かき山としてただ1つ、くじ取らずであったことや、山籠、真松もない形式からも、山の中では屈指の古いものであることが分かる。
山建て 21日午前8時~
舁き初め 21日午前11時~
English Hashibenkei-yama
The figures on this float depict a scene from a very famous story in Japanese history: "Ushiwaka-maru", a young samurai boy, lightly jumped up onto the round-shaped decoration on the handrail of the Gojo Bridge in central Kyoto, while "Benkei", a big monk-warrior in armor, tried to swing down his pole sword against the boy. The figure of Ushiwaka-maru standing only on the front supports of his clogs still creates a lasting, lively impression, and it is hard to believe that the figure was made 500 years ago. As its order in the procession is fixed (kuji-torazu) among all the carried floats and it has neither "yamakago" nor "shin-matsu", it is considered to be one of the oldest yama floats.
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