祇園祭 山鉾紹介


巡行の順番 後祭 5   (2019年)
住所 京都市中京区室町通三条下ル烏帽子屋町
説明  油天神山が梅なら、こちらは桜を松と共に飾り、華やいだ雰囲気をかもす。謡曲「志賀」のなかで、六歌仙の1人、大友黒主が志賀の桜を眺めるさまをテーマにしている。杖をつき、白髪の髷(まげ)の翁の人形は、いかにも品格がある。失火で町家(ちょういえ)を失ったのを機に、5階建てビルにし、祭りのときだけ町会所にするのは時代をさきどりしたと話題になった。山を飾る桜の造花は、家に悪事を入れないお守になる。
山建て 20日午前8時~
English Kuronushi-yama
The cherry blossoms and pine trees displayed on the Kuronushi Yama create a spring-like atmosphere. The yama depicts a scene from a famous Yokyoku (Noh song), "Shiga", where one of the Roku Kasen (six great poets in the early Heian era), Otomo-no-Kuronushi, enjoyed beautiful cherry blossoms in Shiga. The figure of a silver-haired old man with a topknot holding a cane has the appearance of a graceful aristocrat. After losing their Cho-ie (neighborhood association hall) to fire, it was rebuilt as a five-storied building which is used as the neighborhood association hall only during the Gion Festival. This far-sighted idea became a conversation topic. Artificial cherry blossoms which decorate the yama are used as lucky charms to ward off bad luck from houses.
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