祇園祭 山鉾紹介


巡行の順番 前祭 10   (2019年)
住所 京都市下京区油小路通綾小路下ル風早町
説明  町名(風早町)の由来であるお公家さん・風早家の屋敷があり、この屋敷に祀られていた天神=菅原道真を祀ったという言い伝えがある。山は、立派な朱塗りの鳥居が特徴だ。天神さんと関係深いのが梅の花。松と一緒に立てられた紅梅が、華やかな雰囲気をかもしだす。見送りの毛綴(けつづれ)が名高いが、現在のものは山所在地近くで生まれた故梅原龍三郎画伯の富士山の絵をもとにした綴織になっている。
山建て 13日午前8時~
English Aburatenjin-yama
The deity of this yama is a statue of Sugawara Michizane, a late 9th century aristocrat who is identified with "Tenjin" or the God of Thunder. The statue is said to have once been enshrined in the premises of the noble family, Kazahaya, who lived in, and became the origin of, "Kazahaya-cho", the town that owns this yama. This yama is characterized by its impressive red-painted torii shrine gate. As Michizane loved plum blossoms, a branch of red plum is placed along with the pine tree, creating a gorgeous atmosphere. The rear face of this yama used to be decorated with a famous magnificent wool tapestry, but it was recently replaced with a new one whose novelty is also attracting people's attention. The current tapestry is based on a painting of Mt. Fuji by the late Ryuzaburo Umehara who was born near the place where the float is located.
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