祇園祭 山鉾紹介


巡行の順番 後祭 7   (2019年)
住所 京都市中京区室町通三条上ル役行者町
説明  鈴鹿山と共に山鉾町最北の山。役行者(えんのぎょうじゃ)は自ら修行するだけでなく、庶民の中に入って医療などにつとめた僧。古くから民衆に人気があった。人形3体はその役行者をまん中に、鬼の顔の一言主神、葛城女神。三者の関係はさだかではないが、者が大峰山と葛城山のあいだに橋を架けようとして、鬼を使ったとの伝説によるらしい。人形が多いだけ山のサイズも最大級。
山建て 20日午前8時~
English Ennogyoja-yama
The En-no-Gyoja-yama and the Suzuka Yama are from the northernmost Yamahoko-Cho (the towns that keep the floats). The main figure of the float is En-no-Gyoja who has been popular through the ages because he was a practitioner of Shugen-do as well as a doctor for the common folk. There are three figures on the yama; the figure of En-no-Gyoja is seated between the Hitokotonushi God and the Katsuragi Goddess who have the faces of Oni or ogres. The relationship among them is not known exactly, however, the float originates from the folklore that En-no-Gyoja used the Oni to build a bridge between Mt. Omine and Mt. Katsuragi. This yama is one of the largest floats as it has more figures than most on it. Also, only the En-no-Gyoja Yama has two vermilion-lacquered umbrellas.
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